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Crock-Pot vs Pressure Cooker!

This is so worth reading!

Here’s a great source for safe cooking temperatures and more!


Click Here to find out what the correct temperatures to these cooking items you need to know!  Rather than playing the guessing game, I prefer to look it up and be safe!

Remember, there is a safe point at which foods must meet a certain temperature, safe storage and handling of foods!  Rules that restaurants must go by should be the same at home too! So, don’t let your guard down just because its your kitchen. Think of your private kitchen as a restaurant, the reason, you are feeding others (your family)!

Cranberry Medallions!


Photo By Carolyn Davidson Hicks

Looking for a way to serve that jellied cranberry sauce? Simply remove the sauce from the can by cutting off the lid with your can opener, then, poke a small hole in the other side of the can  to allow air in the can. This will make it easier to remove the sauce.  Then, slice 1/4 inch depth rings. Take a shot glass or small cookie cutter, any shape you like, and cut out pieces. Place on your holiday plate as a garnish!

After the holidays, use extra cranberry’s on any dish by cutting out shapes as a garnish!

You can also make Hors d’oeuvres by placing each medallion on a cracker with cheese, on a small leaf from boston butter lettuce, or just about anything that is small and can hold the medallions!

Glossory of French Terms!


Here is a definitive list of common French culinary terms — a useful partner to cookbooks, or watching your favorite cooking show.  Click Here to learn some important terms in French cooking!

Culinary Terms: Food Dictionary and Glossary of Cooking Terms

Wondering about the meaning of some obscure culinary terms? Check out this glossary of cooking terms. It’s the ultimate food dictionary.

Visit their website for more Chef’s terms!


Ways we use Béchamel in My Camper Kitchen!

Cooking in a camper kitchen is no different than cooking in a small kitchen in a trailer or a small home. It has it’s challenges!  Most of our great meals will most likely include “The White Sauce”! Here a just a few idea’s on how we use it!

Cream of… Soups – Thin out the béchamel with a little more milk or some good stock and mix it with anything from mushrooms to chicken. We are not lovers of anything in a can. That makes it tough while traveling because convenience is everything.

Lasagna – Béchamel is the glue that binds the layers of a classic lasagna. And by glue, of course we mean creamy, velvety, luscious sauce! We don’t make this one that often, but when we do it is always tasty! Lasagna is usually a made when we have someone over for dinner!

Soufflé – Every good soufflé starts with a good béchamel. A healthy handful of cheese melted into the béchamel also helps, of course, depending on where we are camping and how level our Coach is!

Casseroles and Gratins – This is one of our favorite comfort foods during the colder months. Most casseroles and Gratin recipes will still work fine with white sauce even if it doesn’t call for it! Everything from chicken or vegetable pot pie can be made with a béchamel.

Macaroni and Cheese – Add cheese to a base of bechamel to make the silkiest, richest mac n’ cheese you ever experienced. Again,we only make Mac n Cheese when we have friends over while traveling on the road.

White Sauce – Straight béchamel is so good spooned over biscuits! We fold in some sausage and slow-cooked onions for an extra-special Southern-style breakfast.

Sauce Base – We love to make a lot of sauces! Many of them require a white sauce base and many don’t. We have found that by starting out with the base, you can improve just about any sauce you make! We’ve even created a few new!


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