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Simplify every aspect of your camper for a better experience!

Storage: Storage is everything but it’s an absolute must that you organize so you can find things quickly without having to dig everything out. Clear bins are great because you can see whats inside.

First aid kits: Make sure it covers almost all possible injuries from burns to breaks!

Fire Extinguishers: You need one in each room and one in the outside compartment of your refrigerator as well as your engine!

Condiments and seasonings: They can make any meal a great meal! No need to sacrifice flavor.

Things you can’t live without:

Plastic cutting board
Paring knife
10-inch chef’s knife
Serrated (bread) knife
Vegetable peeler
Can opener and bottle opener
Tongs and pancake turner/spatula
Serving spoons
Soup ladle
Colander and/or mesh strainer
1 medium and 1 large non-stick skillet
2 saucepans
Dutch oven for cooking pasta and stews
Collapsible Mixing bowls (can also double as serving bowls)
Square or rectangular baking pan
Resealable plastic bags
Aluminum foil and plastic wrap
Long butane lighter
Non-abrasive dish washing sponge
Biodegradable dish washing detergent
Paper towels
Pot holders and dishtowels
Trivets for hot pans (extra potholders will work)
Break-proof ceramic and/or paper plates
Plastic tumblers and mugs
Stainless steel silverware
Basic first-aid kit
Portable Grill and/or smoker
Foldable chairs and tables
Travel Clothes line
Household batteries

Convection Microwave Ovens and Stove tops in your camper!

First, let me say they cook different than a propane oven. Be sure to read your instructions and understand your convection oven. I found a calculator on the Internet to convert my baking recipes to avoid disasters!

Here’s a calculator to convert your baking times and temps!

Convection Oven and Stove Top!

Convection Oven and Stove Top!


Single ply vs Double ply Toilet Tissue!

There is no question about it, single ply is best! However, your black tank will not fill up as quick if you have room for a waste basket in your small RV bathroom, and you just toss it whether it is single or double ply!



When you freeze leftovers!

The freezer section leaves a lot to be desired in an RV to say the least. So, in order to save space, take that left over soup and poor it in a zip bag. Lay flat in a pan that fits in your freezer and allow enough time for it to freeze partially. This way, you can take it out of the tray and lay it on the freezer shelf saving much needed space!

Advice on frying while living in a camper

Don’t! Your best bet is to do it outside! It’s risky indoors in such a small space. It also can damage your cooking area by getting to hot and scorching walls or counter tops. You will also most likely smell dinner for several days. A propane fryer is great and safe outdoors. I really don’t like the electric fryers, they’ve never really performed well and they are difficult to keep a safe temperature when frying.

Camco 44053 RV White Refrigerator Bar – 3 pack

Camco 44053 RV White Refrigerator Bar - 3 pack

Camco 44053 RV White Refrigerator Bar – 3 pack. they will hold all your breakables so they don’t slide around in the refrigerator! You can buy them at Amazon or any RV Superstore!


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