Loaded Beef Stew

Loaded Beef Stew!

Loaded Beef Stew! Photo By Carolyn Davidson Hicks

2 lbs beef chuck roast, cubed into 1 in. pieces
1/4 cup flour
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon pepper
1 1/2 cups beef stock
1 teaspoon paprika
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1 bay leaf
4 garlic cloves, crushed
2 onion, chopped
1 cup of celery, sliced
6 carrots, sliced
4 large red potatoes with skin on, and cubed into 1 in. pieces
1 cup frozen pea’s thawed
1/2 cup of white wine or beef broth for deglazing

Combine flour, salt and pepper. Coat beef with flour mixture. Brown meat in a sauce pan, deglaze, and place in Crock Pot. Pour all ingredients in crock pot except the peas, save them until the last few minutes just to warm them up.

Cook 4-6 hours on high or 10-12 hours on low.

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