Deep Fried Poached Eggs!



6 large fresh eggs

2 tablespoons of vinegar

1/2 cup each of Flour and Panko

Salt and pepper


Fill a  3 qt pot of water and add vinegar. Bring to a boil and then reduce heat.  Then, take four eggs and put one in egg in the boiling water at a time by cracking the shell and placing it carefully in a small ramekin. Pour gently into the water. Do this four times as quickly as possible but carefully.

Meanwhile, heat up oil and allow to reach 350 degrees.

Scramble the last two eggs to make a liquid dredge for the pouched eggs.  Then gentle place one at a time in flour, then egg, then Panko. Drop in oil but do not over crowd the eggs. As soon as the coated egg turns golden brown, about 1 minute if that long, remove from oil with slotted spoon!

Serve on English Muffins, or any way you choose! It’s a tasty way to enjoy an Eggs Benedict with a twist as well!

Note: Here’s  how to skip a step! Keep the egg in the slotted spoon when you remove it from the water. Dust in flour, then spray down with butter and coat with Panko. Then, gently place in the oil.




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