Q. How do I print your recipes?

A. Simply copy and paste to your word document and print!


Q. Why do you have an empty plate logo, I want to see what the completed recipe looks like?

A. After we create and test a recipe, we place our photo in that slot.


Q. Why do you use someone else’s photo instead of yours with courtesy of?

A. This means the recipe and photo belong to someone else, so we give credit where credit is due.


Q. Are you trained Chefs?

A. No, we simply love to cook and are in no way professionals


Q. Are your recipes yours or copies of someone else’s?

A. We adapt our recipes from others, but also have many that we have created. Each recipe will state ¬†whether it is adapted from or created by…


Q. I see an error on your site, how can I get that changed?

A. Send us an email, the link is provided below!


Note: If you still have questions, you can send email, just click here!