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Breakfast casserole in the crock pot!

Ingredients: Prep and cook while you sleep!

1 bag 26 oz. frozen hash browns
12 eggs
1 cup milk
1 tablespoon ground mustard
1 16 oz. roll sausage
maple, sage or regular sausage.
Salt and pepper
16 oz. bag shredded cheddar cheese


1. Spray crock pot and evenly spread hash browns at the bottom.
2. Crack 12 eggs in a large bowl.
3. Mix well (and slowly) using a whisk.
4. Add the milk.
5. Go ahead and sprinkle in the ground mustard. This might sound like a weird ingredient, but I’ve come to love (and use) this in most of my recipes.
6. Add plenty of salt….
…and lots of fresh pepper. Mix well and set aside.
7. Cook the sausage on high heat, drain and set aside.

8. Add sausage on top of hash browns.
9. Is this enough cheese? Maybe? Probably. Throw the whole big bag in there.
10. Mix it up well. Or good, depending on where you’re from.
11. Pour the egg mixture over everything in the crock pot. Using a wood spoon, even everything out so it’s spread evenly.
12. Turn the crock pot on low for 6-8 hours.

My Crock-it Lock-it Takes a ride!

Yes, you heard it right! My new Crock-it Lock-it took a ride on my golf cart to Pot Luck! What a hit…

This is a great little gizmo for your favorite Crock Pot!

This is a great little gizmo for your favorite Crock Pot!

This is a great little product for any crock pot/slow cooker that does not have a lock down lid. I like it so much I decided to start my own category writing about it because I love to cook and now have the motivation to start using my Crock Pot again!

First test run, made some awesome pulled pork and carried it around to see how it help it!

Out of the box and ready to test it!


First test run and it was awesome!

First test run and it was awesome! This is a photo before I tightened up the straps to make it more secure!