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Culinary Terms: Food Dictionary and Glossary of Cooking Terms

Wondering about the meaning of some obscure culinary terms? Check out this glossary of cooking terms. It’s the ultimate food dictionary.

Visit their website for more Chef’s terms!


When you freeze leftovers!

The freezer section leaves a lot to be desired in an RV to say the least. So, in order to save space, take that left over soup and poor it in a zip bag. Lay flat in a pan that fits in your freezer and allow enough time for it to freeze partially. This way, you can take it out of the tray and lay it on the freezer shelf saving much needed space!

Camco 44053 RV White Refrigerator Bar – 3 pack

Camco 44053 RV White Refrigerator Bar - 3 pack

Camco 44053 RV White Refrigerator Bar – 3 pack. they will hold all your breakables so they don’t slide around in the refrigerator! You can buy them at Amazon or any RV Superstore!

Pyrex, Corelle, Plastic and Stainless Steel!

Pyrex, Corelle, Plastic and Stainless Steel. Anything unbreakable and light weight is a must while traveling in an RV. We’ll be posting our such treasures right here! Hopefully, you’ll get inspired.


Living without a dish washer!

We were so used to an automatic dish washer, we were spoiled! Once we decided to travel in our Coach full time, dishes were always a dreaded chore.  There’s no real magic answer to this problem. What we do is simply use paper plates whenever possible. Other times, we splurge and use our Corelle dishes and deal with it!

You can’t solve all your problems living in a small place, but you can make due…